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Talk Deserty To Me

I'm going to say upfront that I nicked the idea for this title from a billboard for Ben & Jerry's. Theirs, of course, was "Talk Desserty To Me" and I laughed out loud as I drove by, giving an "oh you clever little" finger wag and approving side-eye to the tickled pink copywriter who crafted that scrumptious marketing nugget. The fact that the billboard was promoting their dairy-free options, well that's just the Cherry Garcia on top. 

The last time there was snow. Just a few inches, enough to cover the playa, but not too much as to make us hesitate before gliding the Toaster's tires out over the vast, glittering expanse. It was an exhilarating dance of sweeping wide arcs and looping, shallow tracks. A dusting spray of crystalline powder, showering down like New Year's confetti in the otherworldly realm of the Alvord Desert.

This time there were clouds. Miles and miles of backlit, sidelit, frontlit, underlit shapeshifters shuffling silent…

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