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The Homeless Dogs of Nepal - Part 2

One of the themes that has emerged since I left the Annapurna Sanctuary and re-entered the Americasphere is to (pardon the cliché) take each moment one step at a time. One breath at a time. One moment to the next without racing ahead to a time out of order and a place out of reach. One stair at a time was the only way to get from Ulleri to Annapurna Base Camp and back down to Phedi. It's the only way to get from making a cup of tea in the morning to fussing over a tight budget in the afternoon and back down to an apple fritter for dessert.

One step at a time isn't that hard. But the whole staircase in one giant stride is impossible. It's defeating to even think about, isn't it? It's why marketers have their jobs cut out for them: selling the idea of step-elimination and convenience. Even though one step at a time is generally easy, it's so tempting to look way up to the summit (or down to the valley) and quickly wish "be there now!" And sometimes it …

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