Little Logan

Welcome to the world Logan! You have two of the most amazing people for parents. Lucky kid. Thanks to your dad you'll know how to use a Mac by the time you can hold your head up. And you'll be groovin' to Raffi with the shiniest iPod on the block.
No doubt your mom's exquisite sense of style will cover you head to toe, inside and out. If you got it, flaunt it, and boy, you got it, just like your mama.

I can already see the artist in you.
What a wonder that two bodies, two delightful souls can come together to produce this! A baby! An itty bitty bundle of toes and ears, nerves and senses, thought and emotion.
Thank you for letting me and my family welcome you, Logan. This life is splendid.


Anonymous said…
Thanks, Kelli! This is awesome. We were so happy that you and your family could welcome Logan into the world with us. Looking forward to our next visit!

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