Still learning...

I went out yesterday morning to try to figure out that early 10am light close-up thing. I got some shots that I thought were just okay, had I set up the tripod I think they could have been much better. But, 2 cups of coffee went straight to my fingertips!

These buttercups are EVERYWHERE in my yard. I must be boy crazy.

As a rule I don't care for roses. This one has survived the wrath of my shovel because it never fails to produce beautiful flowers without me doing a thing.

Does anyone know what kind of tree this is? Please tell me if you do. I need to stop referring to it as " that one over there" while I wag my finger at it. It makes me sound dumb.

This is a Japanese Emperor Maple. John's favorite. I love it this time of year. It has those little helicopter seed things all over it. Fun.


Jstar said…
That's a dogwood, and I love those! I think it is just a regular old dogwood and not the kousa dogwood (which you see all over the place with smaller, more crowded and often pink flowers).

Beautiful flower shots, by the way!

Here's another photographer I love. Amy of Funky Wonder. Her website is down right now, but she has a Funky Wonder blog
And her personal blog
and flickr

I'm hoping we can do a family shoot with her this summer. She's super nice and I think she captures some really great kid pics.

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