All Brown at Whiskeytown

Whiskeytown (our annual celebration of Bud Lite and brown dirt) is a really tricky place to capture good photos. We camp beneath trees, but the sparse branches throw odd shadows. The lake is right there which reflects the light and makes the foreground appear underexposed. And everything, EVERYTHING, is brown. Brown dirt, dusty hair, dirty clothes. You can rinse off in the lake or the faucet (or maybe make a trek to the camp showers that reek of a Hepatitis possibility) but moments after you emerge the soil settles back in to pores and fingernails.

I did get some good shots of the kiddos (I'll add more later). We were fortunate to have a full moon while we were there, but by the time I shrugged off the baby-filled carrier, scratched a mosquito bite or two, and hoisted my tripod to an ideal mound of dirt the clouds had come in. Sigh. I did get a few of the lake under the smoky skies from the hill fires. When I have a moment I'll add those too.

All in all, good times.


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