More of Whiskeytown


So getting our Whiskeytown reservation every year is a big gamble. It's truly amazing that we get it year after year. There's only one group campsite and we have to call in at the same time as hundreds of other party campers. And it's never the same. Sometimes reservations begin 3 months out, sometimes 4, and then last year, oy! John and I get up nice and early to make the big call and, what?! reservations began a year out?!?! You've GOT to be kidding me. Well, that was the year that we only had half of the campsite and only for a few days (I require 7, at least). This family didn't make it :0(

This year we were well prepared. John had his wits about him on Saturday to get up and make the call to reserve our spot for next year, late June/early July. He successfully reserved 5 days for 1/2 of the campsite, hoping that others would get the rest. Oh the tragedy. He found out today that he actually made the 5 day reservation for THIS YEAR! Since we've clearly already been and come back from Whiskeytown this just won't work. Swallowing the $75 cancellation fee is no fun, but guess what we get to do tomorrow? Yay! Try again! We're shooting for mid-July 2009 (I repeat, 2009). Wish us luck!


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