Eugene's nice, I guess

We rolled a sad good-bye to our friend, Cory and his lovely lady, Sophia over three shiny lacquered lanes and some pitchers of beer the other night. He got it in his head that his life was better suited for a job transfer and a country home in Eugene, OR. No sooner it was a mere idea than it became reality. The fates must've agreed. They probably want to live in Eugene too.

River was super stoked for about 5 frames of gutter balls and then succumbed to the blinking world of buttons and joysticks (tee hee) in the arcade. Thank god he doesn't know you need money to play them.

Magnolia was handed around as I took my turn at some nicked pins and wicked splits. She was so excited she made her public debut of her monkey face. Can't wait to whip this one out in front of her "cool" friends.

Oh, Cory. Who's going to give River an undeserved lollipop when we stroll the aisles at the Beaverton Trader Joe's? How are you going to be able to come to the BBQ that we keep planning to have but keep postponing? Who's noggin should I search out at the farmer's market? And HOW will I ever find you in Eugene? You'll blend in so well with all the other easy-going, smiley-faced, towering pseudo-hippies with 30" goatees. Schucks. I'll miss ya buddy. If you ever decide to trim that cat on your chin send it my way. It would make Krisha jealous. Yup. Pretty sure it would.


Anonymous said…
oh my gosh monkey face! so big!!! she's been growing in our absence, fancy that.
krisha said…
a) I love the puckered lips pic! You'll have to save that one for junior high where it'll have the biggest embarrassment impact.

b) I can't figure out if you got a picture of me celebrating a strike, or breaking my fingers. Hmm.

c) Yes. Yes, I would be jealous.

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