This has NOTHING to do with photography

Not kidding. This is on So much funnier than a hurricane.

Frizz Index
Frizz Index
The weather can have a dramatic effect on how well people’s hair looks and holds it style. The Frizz Index uses a proprietary algorithm especially developed by that combines measurements of atmospheric humidity with other weather factors that create hair frizz. The Index correlates to the level of frizz that can be expected under various conditions:

  • Frizz Watch = Light frizz and flyaway hair are possible for frizz-prone hair.

  • Frizz Advisory = Some frizz is possible, especially for people with naturally curly or wavy hair.

  • Frizz Warning = Frizz is likely for all hair types.

  • Frizz Emergency = Frizz is unavoidable! Sticky weather affects all hair types, so anyone may have a "bad hair day".


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