No time for penmanship

I used to keep a journal. I was uber diligent. I wrote every night, just a page or so, about whatever cropped up in my noggin. That was waaaay long ago. I met John and the journal entries became few and far between. I shelved the journals and thumbed through them periodically as nostalgic keepsakes. When I found out I was preggo with The Riv I dived right back into journal-keeping. It wasn't every day, but it was often enough that I didn't have to re-explain my current life to myself with every entry. I've kept it up for the purpose of having a written record of my children's upbringing, composed in my own sloppy scrawl. I delight in the thought that one day they'll pull the journals off a shelf or out of a box and read the fun details of growing up a McKee. Though they may need a PhD to decipher the scribbles and scratch outs.

The other night it occurred to me that it had been awhile since I wrote to my kiddos. I made it a point to hit the hay early, before my lids refused to cooperated any longer. I was stunned to see I had neglected my journalkeeping duties for over a MONTH! A month! Of course that's not that long in the scheme of things, but when you're a 5 month old baby a month is, obviously, 1/5 of your life! So why why why have I been bad journal mommy lately? Easy once you open my laptop and see the bookmarks toolbar. Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, my Shutterfly share site (, by the way), this blog, and now, lord help me, Twitter have been dominating my every moment. It's like in-breath, out-breath, except instead of metabolising between breaths I open my computer and poke someone on Facebook. Instead of uploading my photos to one place I send them to a gazillion little pockets in the massive sphere of the internet. My penmanship has been replaced by this keyboard! What's the longevity of it, I wonder? Will this blog live as long as I do? Then what? Will my kids copy all the entries for nostalgia and download them elsewhere? I doubt it.

Something's gotta go. Not sure what. Maybe I just need to restructure the way I spend time on these social media outlets. First thing's first, I'm recommitting to journal-keeping at least once a week. I'll leave the laptop at work, put down my copy of Omnivore's Dilemma, and grab the pen that I stole from the Mac store and dive into my journal. And this blog, since it originally was intended for my favorite photos (like these pics of my lovelies) will continue. But Twitter. Sorry, I think you're out.


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