I was not planning on working tomorrow, anyway.

"Arctic freeze, puh-leez." At least, that was my sentiment a week ago when the local weathermen (no weather gals here) were making a big fuss of the chilly blast headed our way. And now, holy cow. I want to know how many people are blogging about this right now?

Last night we measured 8+ inches of snow on an outside bench, not even considering the amount that was being blown off the top.
Today a 2 foot snow drift created a protective border around my Subaru.
And my neighor's not going anywhere without a serious digging effort, a few beers for recovery, and then a lot window scraping.
I'm peeling perfectly shaped leafcicles of the bushes around our house.
And it's still coming down. I kinda feel bad for local businesses. The economy sucks as it is and then THIS happens! The weekend before Christmas and stores are forced to shut down. Slowing our national consumption on any other day would make me grin, though I'm a pretty big culprit myself, but so many small businesses rely on this season for a large part of their income it makes my grin take on a slightly somber angle.

I'm dreaming of a snowy - but economically stable - Christmas.
Still, crunchy snow is super fun.


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