Portland at Night

Wow. Has it really been that long. Seriously. I skipped an ENTIRE month. And it's not like I've been doing anything fabulous to occupy my time. Ordinary life moves so quickly. I did get to squeeze in an awesome photo workshop with Peter Schutte. We journeyed down to the East Bank promenade to play with the lights on the Willamette. It was f-f-f-freezing! But so worth it.

I experimented with "writing" my initials in the night sky, using the Portland lights as my color palette. I managed a feeble blue "K".

I zooooooomed. A lot. I'll spare you the millions of zooms.

My attempt at a heart (inverted photo).
I loved the angle looking down the wobbly ramp. We had to wait until a wedding party finished up with their frolicking good time in front of the camera before we had access to that prime photo real estate.

After playing dangerously close to the water we headed downtown to the Portland Arts Center.
We were ogled as we propped our tripods in the middle of the sidewalks. Why on earth would someone want to take a photo of a traffic light?

This one make me want to say "ka-Pow!" though I'm not sure why.
Aladdin here might be my fave from the night. Smug little bastard.


krisha said…
Great shots! I have yet to master good night time shots. My favorite is Downtown across the river with the wobbly-tobbly pier. I love that pier.

the word verification is "dongs"....hmmm.
Gwynne said…
Oh my. Playing with the lights must have been so much fun. The pics help tell the story.

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