Cerca del mar, cerveza en mano

I wish that I could have posted to this blog while I was in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. But the upload time was a real bugger and frankly, it simply didn't make sense for me to be writing about being in Mexico in a cool house right on the beach, waiting for the spinning wheel of doom to tell me my upload was complete when I could actually be having fun in said cool house right on the beach and taking more photos of fun little things. I took a crapload of photos. Ask anyone who has any kind of familiarity with crap and they'll tell you that a crapload is a heck of a lot. Here are my faves.

Michelle is a beauty. There's no denying it, despite her claim that she's "old" as she nears 30 and that her ass is jiggly (if she's jiggly then I'm like a vat of Jell-O smack dab in the middle of the San Andreas Fault). The hat is a photo op that begs attention.

This one's not, like, quaaaaality or anything, but, you know, hi me!

The neighbors.
The backyard.
The front yard, early morning.

No wonder ol' Jimmy B can't stop singing about this life.

If I were a bug I'd still think this place was cool. The railing would be like a boardwalk that never ended, a vast concrete baker's stone with a killer view.

I'm amazed that Marty and Judi don't live here year round. Really, what does Phoenix have on this place besides, um, Starbucks and the lack of biting ants?

I collected a lot of seashells. More on that later.

I think I chased the seagull that ate the rest of this crab. Pretty sure he hated me.
This is before I dug my hand in and scooped up the whole lot.

The pissed off seagull. I followed him for forever.

What's over here? and here? oooooh, what's this?

Wow, can you believe I'm not even halfway done? And that this is only a fraction of the pictures I actually took?
More seashell mania.
This one didn't have a hermit living in it, but even if it did I probably still would've brought the little guy home. You just want to eat it it's so cute.


Va va va voom. Someone had to do it.

Chopping fish never felt so serene.

Another gDiapers beauty, Mary. I love love love this picture of her.
Blue stairs.

Now John's gonna want this instead of the switchblade I brought him. And then he'll want this. You can't predict him. He likes kitties.

This guy was much less scary then the glitter "clown" from the night before. Glitter does not make you a clown my friend. Only a really big painted on mouth does.

My favorite of the whole trip, check out this guy and his old school Polaroid. I want to adopt him. AND his camera.
The beach in front of the house was actually incredibly quiet, and then this little guy came whipping down the shoreline.

The shadow to the left is Michelle holding a bag of ........... SEASHELLS. That pretty much sums up the trip: seashells, margaritas, kitties, and guns.

Not sure where the rest of the house is ...

Here's the loot after we went through it and returned a good 3/4 to the sea.

A shrimper riding on the back of a giant shrimp. That would make one hell of a taco.

He let me take just one photo of his work on the loom. His family makes the most breathtaking carpets. I would have taken a zillion photos of them, but that would have exceeded my quota.

Our gift to our lovely hosts. Meet Guillermo, the drunken monkey.

I'm going to have to get some of these and start giving them out as housewarming presents.

My first trip to Mexico in 6 years was a breath of fresh air. I hung out with great gals, got to know Marty and his wife, Judi who are phenomenal hosts and fun at parties. And at the end of the weekend, despite the craziness of having 3 guns pulled on me by the US border patrol, I have a wealth of lovely photos, a lingering taste of the best shrimp taco of my life, and more seashells than could house a hermit crab colony. I hope Marty and Judi are prepared for when I return with 3 weeks worth of luggage, a husband, 2 kids, and a very large bottle of tequila.


krisha said…
God, those pictures are amazing! What a great trip, Kelli- I'm so glad you had a great time (other than boarder patrol). It makes me want to go back to Mexico!
Gwynne said…
I know right. The hat is cool in more ways than one. Beautiful place to stay.

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