I tried to make a man outta ya.

Mrs. Nelson made lots of gingerbread people. She decorated them with the names of every family member (there were a zillion) and all the close friends of her 5 children. She was my best friend's mom when I was too little to understand that the reason the Nelson family house was strung up with hundreds of personalized gingerbread people was because Mrs. Nelson was extraordinarily talented in the baking arts. Those happy tasty treats wrapped around each room, and when it came close to Christmas day we'd be allowed to take our yummy person home.

I wanted to keep her tradition alive in my own less ambitious way. For the last several years I've made personalized gingerbread people for the kind and funny folks I work with. One year I even went so far as to add a little characteristic flair to each one: a cookie cell phone in my boss' hand, a golf club in another, two gingerbread people attached at the hands for a newleywed couple (awww...).

So yesterday Magnolia and I got out the brown sugar, the molasses, the butter and eggs and set to work to whip up a batch of gingerbread officemates. We had a blast. Surely these would be the best gingerbread people ever! What with Maggie giggling and dumping in the sugar and with me singing loudly to the iTunes karaoke mix I just pulled together. It was magic in my kitchen. I honestly wouldn't have been surprised if a legitimate sugarplum fairy landed on my shoulder and creepily whispered "nice cookies ya got there". After Magnolia went to bed I rolled out the dough, aerobically I might add, cut out the little buggers, baked them, and then left them to cool for the next day's decorating.

And so, the big unveil...meet my co-workers!

Aren't they adorable?

Naturally, there were some left over. So the mouths in the house had a nibble. And another. One more just to be sure. Yep. These green-eyed goodies were gross. For some totally uncool reason, my co-worker cookies tasted like burnt cardboard, like that sugarplum fairy pooped in the dough. The kitchen magic crumpled like the roof of the Metrodome.

I love all of you at gDiapers very very much. I hope you know I do. But despite the baking tragedy, I will definitely NOT be making another batch this year. Still, I want you to know that my and Magnolia's efforts did not go wasted. There are 4 very happy chickens that are nibbling at your yummy arms and pecking at your candy eyes. And they, like me, well, they think you're all very sweet.

All my love and a merry merry christmas!



Jaimey said…
sad sad office mates... happy happy chickens. :) I am glad I am not the only one who has gorgeous craptastic kitchen disasters!

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