Raw and uncut.

Here's me eating meat.

And again, me eating meat. Mmmm, nachos...

And two side-by-side slow-cooked meaty meals: chile colorado (say hello) and pork chile verde (how do you do). Made by me. Consumed by me.

I don't have any photos of me eating a rack of ribs because, well, frankly, it's indecent.

I'm not going to apologize for all the cuddly cows and pinky-pie pigs I've consumed in my lifetime. But the porkbutt stops here. I have been easing myself into this moment, settling down into a squishy, mushroomy new lifestyle and tomorrow it becomes official: no more meat for moi. (Except you, Nemo, you delish little fish.)

Watch out world. I'm gonna stir-fry the heck outta ya.

I can do this. See?


OLM said…
A new path to walk leads to refreshing thoughts. I've cut back in my consumption of meat but I don't know if I have in me to completely stop; I enjoy it too much. Then again I quit smoking, so I'll never say never. Enjoy your new life style.
Rockhouse Jones said…
I applaud you for caring about yourself and other living things. You are forgiven for sneaking some bacon once in a while.
Mrs. W said…
Good luck, giving up meat is hard. I can only do it for a brief time once a year. But I always keep my fish too. :)
Terry said…
Take small steps. I've found that you can crave salty meat.

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