my brain, blogged, in bubbles

i kind of like to think of human souls/spirits/ghosts/lifeforce/whatever as a big bottle of soap.
Timothy: man i was thinking about life and death on the way back from the mountain lastnight and got SUPER depressed and had to abort thought
bottle of soap eh?
me: yes.
and that we get blown into bubbles.
all different sizes. but always round.
sometimes we stick together and make amazing bubble chains.
sometimes we pop early. sometimes not til we've floated over the neighbor's rooftop.
and sometimes we just drip down the bubble wand and back into the container, or all over the pavement, and we dry up into a film before we get the chance to become a bubble.
and yet other times. we get caught back onto the bubble wand, and balance there, and get the chance to float off again.
Sent at 12:50 PM on Monday
Timothy: huh, thats pretty
big fan of your brain
you should write that down in a short essay or something
i feel like people would like to hear that
me: ha.
maybe i'll open up that blog thing again.


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