Art Show (blog post + invite)

I need to check the weather for this weekend. It’s not quite mid-summer for the rest of the world, so it could very well still hail or snow here in Portland.
sad face :0(

But I have fingers crossed that we have sunny, not too hot, definitely not too windy weather this coming weekend. Sunday Parkways will have 7 miles of North Portland closed off to cars so that kids and adults and unicyclists and urban farmers can come together and ride in happiness and stop to eat Otter Pops. And it’s passing in front of my house! Yesss. Stoked. Here’s why:

A few months ago, Jason* showed our team an inspirational video, that apparently, I’d found afterward, had been around for quite some time but whatever, I LOVED it and am happy to have seen it “late to social media” than never at all. #thumbsdownsocialmediasnobs 

So the video is this kid who hangs out at his dad’s autoparts store all summer and uses all the empty cardboard boxes to build a whole flippin’ arcade! He sets up these crazy elaborate arcade-style games, complete with prize system. Caine's Arcade. The story is just lovely. And it DID inspire me. Came home that night and asked Riv if he’d like to set up an art exhibit in the driveway this summer. We could hang up all of his favorite pieces of art that he’s created, including his jet pack from camp SCRAP, his self-portrait, his spot-on sketch of Bender from Futurama, or his monster sculpture that comes with its own kneeboard. And then we’d invite friends and family to come over and look at it. We wouldn’t sell any of his pieces, but we’d have it on display so he could show everyone his passion and tell them his stories behind each creation. 

River’s head nodded like a bobble-head on a dashboard. This kid was IN to the idea!
this is an early River original. Blasenstarewen. (German for "Blazing Star Wing".)

Then I found out that Sunday Parkways was going to be passing directly in front of Fraggle Rock and I was like, what. I did a bit of a the stars-are-totally-aligned dance in my brain and then asked Riv again. “Hey. What if we set up your art exhibit this weekend? A bunch of bikes will be going right by our house ALL day. We could even offer lemonade.” Serious eye buggage from the Riv. I said don’t go popping your face quite yet. I have to figure out some details.

Well the details are figured. And as long as the weather this weekend is fair, River will be waiting for you to pop in to his exhibit and take a stroll. Lemonade will be a quarter. But the refills will be free.

* Jason Graham-Nye. He’s the CEO of gDiapers. You’ve probably heard of him. Well. I know him. We eat lunch together. Like, all the time. Even texts me. (head nod)

I alllmost photoshopped this to show exactly where on the map is my house. Where I live.
Then I kicked myself for being such a dumbass.


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