Blabberish, chapter two.

What happens when you put 2 slightly off-kilter but in a quirky and cute way and not so much a gag me with a spoon way (but maybe a little of that, too) … geez, distracted, much? What happens when you put them together on a couch with their laptops open and blogger so very close at hand? e-Bastardking* happens, that’s for sure. Ha. Right?

Well one of them might start humming a tune that’s pretty familiar to both of them, but neither of them knows exactly what it is. It’s classic though. Been around awhile. And then one will go “Aha! I’ve got it!” as she jerks the monocle from her face in a flourish of discovery. And she says “Why, my good chap, it’s the introduction to The Entertainer!” And he raises his eyebrows and extends a contemplative frown her way and with a quick flight of the fingertips he has pulled this up on the googles:

She was right, by george! It was in fact the introduction to The Entertainer! And so she points an approving finger toward her forehead and gives a proud chin nod and says “good show there brain. Good show.”

And so she thinks, “Old timey saloon music such as The Entertainer might be a fun thing to have on while we adjourn to the kitchen to clean up the mess from the delicious meal we fed ourselves. And we’ll recall the corn that was dense with grilled parmesan cheese, and the charred asparagus and kale, and the fresh from the stove biscuits with creamed honey, and we’ll hear the dulcet sounds of saloon piano banging away from the living room. And we’ll pretend he’s a cowboy and I a sad but determined female saloon owner braving the frontiers. And we’ll crack a beer. And wipe the sweat from our brows. And we’ll look to the corner where a little gentleman in a crushed felt hat would be plucking at the keys of a weathered upright piano. And we’ll feel an elegance of humility. Then we’d get drunk.”

So she searches Spotify and finds an album called Piano At The Movies. So the two starry-eyed lovebirds  plunge into the playlist and find such nuggets as the theme from The Godfather, or Chariots of Fire (to which ensues an automatic slow motion running through the finish in a dramatic and drawn out come-from-behind Olympic win). And when she finds the theme to Murder on the Orient Express she says “oh my! This would go just perfectly in one of my playlists. I think I’ll file that under my Wine Ritual Playlist.” So she blares her piano songs from the movies, smiling in satisfaction to the themes from Forrest Gumps and The Social Network.

And he goes “this is a lot like listening to 8-bit music!” and he pulls up this, also conveniently located in the googles.

 8-bit music, is, by the way, so very much a thing. It's real. It's been happening the whole time. Like Mexico's underground city! Which I could've swoooooorreee was a real thing but now I can't find it on the googles. TIM! CAN YOU FIND ME A LINK ABOUT MEXICO'S UNDERGROUND CITY? A THING I'M PRETTY SURE I HEARD EXISTS?

The point of this whole thing is we are currently sitting on my couch, I playing piano tunes from movie soundtracks, and he from The Legend of Zelda. At the same time. Name this phenomenon. This revolution in musical fusion. Taking suggestions. But I kinda like this one:

*e-Bastardking, adverb. When one records spontaneous thoughts on a napkin, it is referred to as "napkining". When one does not have a napkin and must use an alternative form of journaling medium such as a brochure or coaster the medium is referred to as a "bastardkin" thus the action of recording on a "bastardkin" is "bastardking". When one must rely on a digital medium to record critical literary concepts and conversations it is referred to as using an "e-Bastardkin". Thus the action of utilizing an e-Bastarkin is calling "e-Bastardking".


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