A compliment to FOX.

I watched an episode of Glee today. I'm not one to sit down and just watch a show, like, ever. I'll watch  baseball games. (Just did. We beat L.A. Shut em out. BOOM!) And The Backyardigans (when Maggie lets me. I like them cause they're musical. I don't understand what the pink and purple one is, but I like her sassy attitude. And it's way less sugar-pukey than Angelina Ballerina. And more 4 year old friendly than River's favorite like, I don't remember its name, but it's profoundly annoying. Make a suggestion. It'll be right, regardless of if it's the one I'm thinking of or not.)

Anyway. I was home. Just cleaning. Making new messes along the way. Getting distracted. So I put on Glee. And it was the disco episode. Which totally made me want to both sing AND dance, so, I'd say right there, good show, FOX, good show. This episode really honed in on following your dreams, but more than that broad stroke of good-feelery, it focused on making the kids name their dreams and take action to achieving them. Pick a college. Turn down a job offer. Learn to walk again. Whatever. The message was powerful.

"You can dream something and have it live above you, like a cloud. Or you could do something about it, name exactly what it is that you want, and take steps to get there. So then it lives within you, like a dream." - kelli "martinelli" mckee

Next month, when this 30 day blog-a-thon is officially over and I've unnecessarily assigned myself another month of random commitment, like abstaining from swearing (fuck, no), I will continue to write extensively. I will keep blogging at an amount so excessive I make the little google trolls that live inside blogger cringe and take cover whenever I open my laptop. Because I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know where this is going. But I'm really really really having a great time with writing. And it seems like some of you all kinda like it a little bit (or you're racking up a mental "you owe me BIG" in my direction, which is cool). But most for realsies, my dream is to be a writer. And this feels just a little bit like that.


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