Pie is delicious. YES IT IS!

At one point today it felt a little less like winter and a little more like spring. Given that it's summer, that's not too shabby. The kids and I hit the Kruger's produce stand just up the road. I intended to buy strawberries and rhubarb, but the strawberries looked like kidney stones and the rhubarb like flaccid and flat dildos. Appetizing, maybe. But it was a gamble I couldn't take. Because, after all, I was on a fruit hunt for ... bum bum bum BUM ... MY INAUGURAL PIE OF THE SUMMER! (waaahhhhh! crowd goes wild! thunderous clapping! "we want pie! we want pie! we want pie!")

The pints of raspberries were like pints of Jessica Rabbit lips, moist, juicy, and earning their keep. And the peaches were firm and not too fuzzy. These tokens of summer would be going in to MY INAUGURAL PIE OF THE SUMMER!

Here are the reasons why I love to make pie.

  • It's delicious. 
  • It's timeless. My pie crust recipe is from my mom and it's written on the back of a page of my freshman syllabus. It's been folded up and tucked inside my severely battered red and white checked cookbook for 15 years. 
  • It's tactile. I love digging my hands into the dough to work out every little nub of butter, the other hand constantly plunging into the wide-mouthed jar of flour (labeled "cocaine" by my witty boyfriend).
  • Maggie helps me. Her little hands find tiny butter nubs that escape my big ol' mama paws. She gets to play with the extra dough and rolls it out with her toy rolling pin. 
  • It's a challenge. Every time I try a new filling it's a shrug and a pioneering effort as to whether it will be the right consistency. I've made lots of pies that were super soupy. Pie soup. You'd eat it.
  • I like to dream of the day when I'm 75 and have my own pie cart at the farmer's market. It will be called "Eat My Pie". And I'll wear bright red lipstick and snap dishtowels at the young whippersnappers who walk by.
  • It makes my house smell amazing. So much better than wet dog.
I have no idea if this pie will be Pie Soup or Pie Super. But as soon as the rain lets up on this beautiful summer day, we'll be walking it over to Heather and John's for their housewarming. 


Anonymous said…
Lovely! Way lovelier than a flaccid dildo!
Mrs. W said…
How funny, I just made my first pie of the 'summer' today too! Mine was cherry from the cherry tree we just cut down on Monday. The old oven here sucks though so I had to take it out too early and it is soupy. But damn, I love me some pie soup! Cuppa tea, plate of pie, I don't care if there are rain clouds in the sky!

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