punching cash in the face

ahh. thinkin' juice.
Question. And I swear it’s not a trick one. Why are humans valuable? Think on it for a second. Try to not get distracted by how horrible humans can be, how we’re killing our planet faster than a frat house kills a keg, how we’re botching our own existence by grinding out the cigarette butt of the corporate bottom line into the arts, and physical education, and, you know, our own childrens’ lives and thereby the future of everything we have ever held dear. Ah ah ah. Shhh. Don’t get distracted by that. Focus instead, for just a minute, on why humans are valuable. I’m gonna quickly reach over and grab a sip of my tasty adult beverage real fast, and maybe pop over to check out the haps on facebook super quick. You just go ahead and think about it.

Yep. The haps on facebook.

Answer. You ready? You may have something pretty awesome in your head. But just hold it. This is truly just a one-sided conversation for now.

Humans are valuable because we all have something to contribute.

Each and every single one of our fleshy selves carries with us a talent, a trade, an idea, an inkling, a network, or a really great collection of vintage pocket knives. And all that stuff taken separately or together is of high value. But! We most often only use our personal resources when someone else finds them useful, rather than us putting our own talents out to the world in exchange for something we need. The concept is as old as cavemen (I’m assuming. Geico, correct me if I’m wrong). also, please don't actually watch this video right now. It would be distracting to the task at hand, and frankly, kinda rude.

The point is, valuable human readers, that we are in a moment that is custom-carved to bring back the barter system. First, cause our economy is as flat and deflated as a 20 year old gymnast who couldn't "stick it". Second, cause we all have things we want and need. Third, cause we all have things we can give. And fourth, cause cash in hand needs a swift kick in the ass. A beat down. An old-fashioned haranguing with a fingerwag "YOU, mister cash, are seriously blowing it. Now sit down in that chair and you listen to me - don't you get distracted by the t.v.! - while I lecture you on all the ways you're messing up." That's right. A haranguing. Cash needs to be taken down a peg or two. Let's devalue its inflated ego by elevating our own worth by way of barter.

I've been in a barter arrangement for several months now. I trade a little of my whatever-this-is-that-I-do-with-words for music for River. Cause music is important. It just is. I have something that is valued, and Sound Roots has something that is valuable to me. Win, win, right? win win win win win win

So let's do a thing. Leave a comment here. Or on facebook, pinterest, or smasharingpop (it's new, like really new, you probably haven't heard of it. I'm kiiiiinda ahead of the curve on this whole social media thing. #thingsthataretrue) Leave a comment that lists several (or just one if you're modest) things you have to give, and things that you want. Like this:

limericks / a red ceramic cat from the Astoria Sunday Market
tech support / an oil change
patience with dumb animals / a vintage set of pocket knives
an excess of fingerpaints / an excess of watercolors

See how that works? You can offer ANYTHING you have to give, be it a talent, a thing from the back of your kitchen cabinets, or you know, your brains. And you can ask for ANYTHING in return. Like a red ceramic cat from the Astoria Sunday Market. 

And this can be used to punch cash in its inflated face.


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