I could speculate on the "what-ifs". Thinking about who could have been there when the gunman openly fired on a theatre full of humans just wanting to share in a movie. Thinking about how the gunman could have been in any city, any theatre. I could speculate on the reasons. Why Aurora? What was the motivation other than mass killing? Was he mentally ill? Was it a by-product of a virtual reality downward spiral? A recent Newsweek article has me perplexed over our mental wiring and how it reacts with online addictions.

But my speculation is meaningless.

My "what-ifs" are someone else's reality. I am not near enough to hug them. To tell them it'll be alright. I can't make those promises. I shouldn't, in fact, make any promises. Other than to love. To shine my brightest. At the end of my days my life may not have been one of "no harm done". But my intent can and could be. If all of us intend to "do no harm"and to love and to shine and to heal, then hopefully speculation will fall by the wayside. In this way we can be superheroes. Rescuing our world before tragedy can hit us.

I will not celebrate villains. I will not teach my children that they are a critical part of our balance. Good vs evil. Light vs dark. It is an antiquated notion.

Let's just celebrate each other. And shift the paradigm.


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