So full of promise. Potential. Commitment! Exclamation points!! Vacation!!! <-- that last point trumped the ones prior. I started the month with a commitment to take a pic and post it every day this month. Then I hopped a flight, I mean two, to Pittsburgh to take an historical tour of my beloved's hometown and thus the pic and post was paused. I'm about 11 or 12 days behind in this project. But LUCKY YOU! I just happened to take a crap ton of pics whilst in the 'burgh. And Tim took even MORE, which would be a, um, a shit ton?

Here's how I began my Pittscursion:
primanti's. face-sized sandwiches. and the kick off to a verynaryavegetarian diet. (photos by Tim)

We headed to PNC Park to root on the Giants. And watch them lose at the hands of this guy:

dazed and confused. sigh. (Tim got the sweet action shot to the right. And I did the crappy photomerge.)

I'm on a boat.

Pittsburgh has bridges. MORE bridges than Portland. And they may not have many cyclists, but we did see a small handful of hipsters. Bring it on Pittsburgh. I'm sure Fred and Carrie have enough quirk to pull of another IFC phenomenon.

And now, I shall inundate you, ocularly, with scenes from The Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh. In a word: holyshit. In a couple words: holy shit.

"that our daughters may be corner stones polished for a palace." ... that someone else has to clean.

across the way at Heinz Chapel. they had one teeny gargoyle. no gnomes.

welcome to hogwarts.
in one of the nationality rooms. 

somehow my son got here first.   
der österreichische Raum! 

here's lookin at you ... fat baby on the ceiling.


i always imagined Pan more like the fawn from Narnia. Less ripped. More horny?

just thought i'd point out that they have some work to do. I found it. 

I met (and fell in love with) Tim's family.


i taught her that. except she didn't spill down the front of her dress. (photo by Tim, cause i was cleaning myself ...)

art gallery + studio in the strip district, where we crafted all from a mason jar lid mobile, a paper clip face, a duct tape luggage tag and, naturally, handcuff balloons.

glad he's not MY uncle. so very glad he's hers.

I'm skipping some shots here, cause i think they're better reserved for a whole separate blog post. "The Kennywood Terrors." Or "Nighmare on the Merry-go-Round". Working titles, the both of em.

We kicked it the cultural district. I feel all of a sudden ashamed for saying "we kicked it". Like I'm some Brittany Murphy wannabe rollin' with her homies and getting in with the cooler kids. Not ashamed enough to delete it. 

photo by someone who knew andy warhol.
Checked out the crazy urinations of Andy Warhol. Dreamed of a home one day with a room of floating silver pillows. Watched a grandmother swiftly usher her grandson out of the exhibit featuring Warhol's films "Blowjob" and "Sleep" (which is, of course, a static scene of his boyfriend's chest while he slept. for 5 1/2 hours).

I asked "How is it that magnolias are blooming in July?!" and Tim said "Things just might have different blooming seasons here." And then we both noticed it was art. A fake tree and we were the imaginary people milling beneath its sculpted branches. How very Beetlejuice of you, Pittsburgh. 
Tree by a master artist (god with play-doh?). Photo by Tim.

We were lucky to be milling about on a night filled with pop-up shows, art galleries, puppet shows, and cell phone art installations that lit up when you made a call.

tucked in an alleyway.

we each got a piece from these guys. they have a baby. they're super cool.

we hiked the steep slopes of Mt Washington using only the power of an automobile to carry up its gentle and not-very-steep or mountainous incline.

and Tim took these beautiful skyline shots, while i watched some dude gropingly try to seal the deal with his first date. 
i found a pair of hearts in the lights of the city.


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