Now it's July. SMILE

It's 9pm-ish. And it's been July 1st all day long. And up til now I hadn't yet decided what my next 30 days of blah blah blah would be. DECIDED! I'm taking and posting a photo a day, here, on the bloobityblog. It might be crap. It might very likely be crap. But here's today's photo:
Also, Tim and I crafted this tonight. For your entertainment.

Chase The Rabbit
-       the find the song on Pandora game.

  •  type a song to create a station
  • ultimately get to that song
  • you are permitted the skip song function within Pandora, but when that’s up,you have to keep listening, no matter how ear-splittingly-Mariah-Carey-goddawful it might be
  • if you concede and simply cannot endeavor an accidental track by R Kelly, you are permitted to do so. But you earn -1 points.
  • If you turn the music off at any point before you’ve heard the song, you earn -1 points.
  • For every hour it takes to get to the Rabbit you earn -1. *
  •  If you search for a song to create a station and Pandora does not have the rights to that artist, you earn -1.
When you get to your Rabbit, you earn +5.

 There is no end to the game. And no winners. Only losers.

*This rule has been updated! It is no longer "every hour" but "every time Pandora bitchily asks 'are you still listening?'" when you earn -1 points.


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