The priestess or witch or goddess or fabulous drag queen talk show hostess that determines the balance of color in our world works tirelessly to keep the grasses green. She works extra hard at it in the Pacific Northwest. She is a frenetic but fluid enchantress that lavishes us with rain and cloud cover. But we complain about the cold. We get depressed and buy light visors.

Or we don't. And instead we go outside and turn our faces up to the rain. We hike icy trails and stare closely at water droplets cascading down hanging moss. We dance a little to keep our thighs warm. We gather rocks and tuck them into our jacket pockets. We stomp in the puddles and collect mud in the tread of our shoes.

What happens, then, from time to time is a rainbow. Which we just wouldn't have seen had we stayed inside.
on the way back from Silver Falls in late January. magic right outside the car. thank you priestess witch goddess dude.


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