A lesson from The Riv

I just had this moment with River that I don't want to ever forget.

I picked him up from school. He climbed in the backseat and said "I like the purple hair Mom!" I said "Thanks! It's pink. But thanks!" We chatted about his day. He mumbled at me with half a banana squished in his cheeks. Then he asked how I was. 

"Well," I said. "I'm really nervous. I'm going snowboarding on Sunday for the first time in, how old are you? Right. In that many years."

His eyes lit up and he smiled in the most fantastic way. "Really? Awesome!" He has now been snowboarding twice and is absolutely in love with it. He dreaded going the few days leading up to it, cried in the dark morning while we waited for his dad to swing by the house to get him, snuggled on the couch in his thermals and snow bibs. Then he left with his dad. Had a donut on the way. And had a killer day on the mountain. But at first he did NOT want to go.

And I do NOT want to go. But I do. I absolutely do. And I absolutely do not. But I do. Uh to the gh.

I told him I was nervous because I was never very good at snowboarding. I generally don't like going fast unless it's on a rollercoaster and then those are never fast enough, weird. The slopes were always crowded and too long, too wide, too icey, too snowy. The lodge food was gross. It was expensive. I'd fall getting off the lift a good chunk of the time. And I had to get up super early on a day off to go do something that I just didn't think was as awesome as everyone pretended it to be.

River told me to not be nervous. He said to me "Be as excited as I was on my second day. And only try to be as good as I was on the first day."

I reached behind my seat and said "high five me." And he did.

i only have to be as good as this, he says. 


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