New Food Night #3 and a missed opportunity for mediocrity

We made gumbo! On, um, Saturday. Which was 4 days ago? 5? Anyway. New food night #3! Huzzah!

"hey shrimp. you're pretty hot."
thank you to the field for sacrificing itself into a roast in non-edible , non-animal-intestine casing. 

Maggie chose the dessert. It had magic in the name so I agreed. This magic is now in the compost. I'm not even sharing the recipe. It was too sweet for even them. And they're children. 

Mom's a pepper pig! 

The Riv kept the kitchen art movement alive with a broccoli man and his squat little ninja friend. Later he'd fashion a barbed wire diaper for broccoli man.

roux! roux! roux! roux! how are youx? soux-soux. how doux youx doux? pretty gouxd toux. 

gumbo was a winner. high five new food night #3.

p.s. so what was that missed opportunity for mediocrity? i don't even remember. I wrote the title for this post when I first started writing it 17 years ago. so actually, sounds like i grabbed that opportunity by it's blonde curlies and mediocred the crap out of it.

p.p.s. we were supposed to make hush puppies too. but we didn't have cajun spice. or any more onion. and i don't have a dishwasher and was already at maximum dish-washing capacity. 

p.p.p.s. we might be making sushi next time ... which means you'll hear about it some time in July. 


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