packaging free shower

So I was in the shower. This is clearly where my brain gets all soft from the steam and starts leaking out torrents of garbage. And I was thinking of garbage. And I saw before me a shower caddy holding a plastic bottle of face wash, a plastic bottle of shampoo, a plastic bottle of conditioner and next to the caddy was a plastic handled razor tucked into a plastic wall mount. I use less shower accoutrements than some men I know (Hi TJ!) but still, I'm pretty sure I could go with less. I could get very dang near a packaging-free shower.

And so now this is a thing I'm going to do. Hold your noses. I'm about to smell AMAZING.

My rules (until I deem them worthy of breaking):

  1. My soap shall come to me as naked as the day it was born.
  2. I shall brew my own 'poo.
  3. It shall smell a lot better than poo.
  4. I have no idea about conditioner but I dunno ... mayonnaise? sweat? google? 
  5. the razor shall remain. I'll just use it less and brace myself for the next episode of "When Pubes Grow Back!"
So that's the packaging in my shower. I feel like I should take a pic. 
first take


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