Get trussed. A thank you to Rugged Grace.

It takes trusses to make a strong bridge. I'm a truss. You're a truss. The bridge is the connection, and the bridge is all of us. And just hold on, I'm very likely not done with overwhelming this post with metaphor. Like a pot of black beans that have spilled onto your stovetop, these similes will fill your bellies, stain your wooden spoon purple and probably make you toot. Which will either make you blush or giggle or both.

Bridges, trusses, black beans. My how I've strayed. Like a donkey who's lost his carrot to the billowing dirt on the trail. If only there was something in my field of view that could keep me focused. But .... oh look!


DEWDROP--Triple-Layered "Aged" Brass Hoop Earrings with Pale Green Prehnite Drops from Rugged Grace.

I'm trussing up the creator of these lovely pieces of hand-crafted jewelry. I adore my earrings from Rugged Grace. There is something so inspiring and buzzing with positive connectivity when you get to wear something that a friend has made with their own hands. Sara Fletcher, the face behind Rugged Grace, is a friend, an artist, a jeweler (duh) and a truss to me as well. She has generously offered a portion of sales from her creations in support of my effort to summit a mountain with the American Lung Association this June.

Her philosophy behind her creations is as beautiful as the pieces themselves:

"... know that the jewelry I create is intended to be shared and worn with a greater purpose. Each honestly "imperfect" piece is to be a reminder that we are TRULY beautiful when we learn to affirm, build upon and CELEBRATE our "imperfect" and individual blends of natural beauty and true character. May you discover and radiate the REAL beauty and potential lying within you, "imperfections" and all.

Have fun celebrating your one-of-a-kind self as you search this eclectic collection for the piece(s) that will keep you smiling."

Damn straight. The more we breakaway from the plastic molds that we've been trying to cram ourselves into since we lost our awe the day we saw multiple Santa Clauses at multiple malls, the more our imperfections will transform into beauty. Genuine beauty.  

Browse the Rugged Grace collection. Share it with friends. Shop. Buy something for your mama. Your mama has known your genuine beauty from day one. And when you do, mention my name at checkout (most people call me Kelli), and a portion of your purchase will go to the American Lung Association.

Thank you to Sara for cultivating a craft that stems from the heart and the hands and for sharing that with me and with everyone. xoxo


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