Go ahead. Barf. But this is about love.


True love dresses up as a pirate after only a handful of dates.
True love isn't easily embarrassed. Like ever.

True love isn't shy about groping in public.
True love steals your heart. Your breath. And an unknowing old lady statue's pocketbook.

True love is athletic.

And is smokin' hot.

True love can be blissfully trashy.

True love trusts in children. Trusts them with their face, scissors, and a razor.
True love is sexy in glasses.

True love leads by example.

And will eat whatever you cook, no matter what.

 True love happens just one sip in.

 And will cheer you on, even if they don't know all the words.

True love has passion, and enhances your mutual creativity.

True love knows when, and how, to be fancy.

And will encourage your healthy eating habits.

 True love will take the blame. Except for when it's clearly someone else's fault.
 True love will hang your heart upside down, flip it rightside up, and keep it racing.
True love will cherish what is important to you.

And will love your dog.

It will celebrate those whom you love the very most and do everything it can to nurture their gifts.

True love can be dangerous. 

True love will assemble you the best texas sized maple bar birthday cake this side of texas.

 True love stays true to its roots. 
And encourages you to share your influence on those that they love most.

True love embraces family.
And will be a good influence on your children.

True love is real magic.


True love is easy. And so very challenging. It is the journey and the endgame. It is the soundtrack that pulses behind the stage, that crescendoes and wanes and is always on cue. True love listens, and when it doesn't, it accepts the swift kick to the teeth that it needs to pay better attention. True love is accepting, but adaptive. It's the most complex simplicity on earth. It is a truth that I will never fully comprehend. True love will hurt you and heal you, and then never hurt you the same way again.
True love is brilliant.
True love is not a guarantee. It is a gift. 
My utmost thanks to whoever, whatever bestowed it upon me.


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