The start of the longest list ever.

Here's why having kids is so freaking amazing:

1. I get to hug their potential

2. I get to share in their awe

3. I get to hear their dreams, in their own words, with their own vision

4. I get to experience their creativity in new mind-blowing ways every day

5. I get to listen to them learn to tell jokes, to whistle, to blow bubbles and to speak in Scottish accent

6. I get to giggle with them when their bath water gets bubbly when they toot

7. I get to see them love each other

And that's JUST from today. This is a lifetime of riches, right here.


DJ Waldow said…
I get to answer WHY all day long. Some people would hate this. I LOVE IT.

Why? (no pun intended)

It's an opportunity to teach her. A chance to tell her something she's never heard before. A way for her to hear what I say and form her own opinions.
Lei said…
Overwhelming riches my dear. Nothing quite like sharing in the joy of a new experience through a child's eyes.

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