You'll watch Reservoir Dogs 15 times but you cringe at THIS?!

Here's my placenta.

I've made two of these feminine miracles in my time.

I grew an organ to sustain another life inside my body.

That's not disgusting. That's a fucking WONDER OF SCIENCE.

It's art, science, health, nutrient, and life pillow in one temporary organ.

Placenta, I celebrate you. Thank you for keeping my kiddos comfy.


Unknown said…
Wow. I never got to actually see mine because it came apart and had to be removed in two pieces and by then I hated it and wasn't interested. It's cool to actually see one, though. Thank you.
Your placenta story is no less amazing. I'm just wowed that we as women can grow this thing at all. It's truly a feat, to grow a living person as well as a whole separate and temporary organ. :0)
Lei said…
Yup, it's an amazing process.

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