Wanna do a writing exercise with me?

Write out a list of descriptive words that come to mind when you think of your life as it currently is.

Then take some time. Imagine that you're 95, or whatever age you'd like to see yourself when you're staring down the long, bright, inviting tunnel of whateversnextifanythingatall. And you look back upon your entire life and you get out your pen (or a kindly young and handsome pizza delivery boy who sits lovingly by your side gets a pen for you) and you make a new list. What descriptive words come to mind as you ponder the past?

I'm going to do this self-imposed writing exercise. After I go make lunch for tomorrow, fold the laundry, check on the ant infestation and sneak in sleepy kisses to Mags. She and I had a rough night. It sucks to fight with your kids. And so somehow, out of that, this list in my head began to take shape, of words that I associate with my life. The first being: colorful. And then vibrant, and emotional, and varying, and trying. And then I stopped because I wanted to put some parameters on this. So that's what this exercise is about. If you want to do this with me, awesome. Share some of your list/s in the comments, or just do it for your own self. Whatevs.

Here's a few of the photos from Cransky's and my produce photoshoot the other night. That was one of the creepy little oddball urges I sometimes get. To do portraits with produce. And so it 'twas done.

I've been wanting to blog about about 4 other things for some time now and I keep not finding the time. Now I have the time, and I blogged this. /bows


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