Time off for good behavior.

Think about what you would do with 2 weeks off. These are 2 weeks off that are in addition to another 2 weeks that you will be sprinkling throughout the year. You may not have a ton of money, but you have TIME. Get down to the details. Cause there in the details you just might find that dose of sanity you thought had already left the building. For instance, in these past 2 weeks:

  • I have sat on the phone -- on hold -- with the IRS for 1 hour and 17 minutes. I didn't do anything else. I sat on my bed in a puddle of sunshine with my phone on speaker and plugged in to the charger. I just waited and let my mind wander. And then they must've figured out that I HAD ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD SUCKERS and they answered the phone. 8 minutes later and a nagging problem of mine was done. 
  • I took a roadtrip with the family to my stomping grounds in Humboldt County. We meandered. We took off on really long and winding and frankly quite frightening backroads. We came home a few days later and then didn't have to rapidly clean out all the camping gear and children and get ready for work/school the next day. Our nerves may have been shot over the roads and the backseat sibling bickering and the check engine light and troublesome back right tire inflation, but we were refreshed dammit. Chevy Chase would've been pleased.
  • I had the time to do intensive battle with a bastardly ant problem. I won. Then they came back. And I had time for a second intensive battle. I will win again.
  • I have made pies with my kids and eaten them for breakfast. Twice.
  • I went to the dentist. Twice. 
  • I took my daughter to the dentist. Just once. And then came home and submitted my FSA claim for all the dentist visits we'd amassed in such a short time, instead of waiting until the end of the year to submit them all at once. 
  • I visited my Mom.
  • I finished my post about BlogHer. One month after going to BlogHer. 
  • Maggie and I covered the living room in completed puzzles. We didn't put them away until the next day.
  • I went on a rafting trip that I thought was supposed to be next month, but it turned out it was actually tomorrow.
  • I did a lot of dishes whenever I felt like it. And then didn't do them later.
  • I killed all the moss on my patio -- on purpose.
Also, I worked. I went in to the office a couple of times, did a little bit to keep the social thing engaging, went to our annual summer gTea. I skyped in. I kept in the loop. I did this because my job is inextricably linked to the rest of me. It's one complete thing. There's no "work" life and "personal" life, at least not in the traditional sense. I am passionate about what I do. I am inspired and supported by the folks I do it with. And it is because of gDiapers that I am permitted the flexibility to put my family first, and to take ample time to take care of the details.

Such a crazy idea, right? Let your employees breathe, and they will be healthier. The whole environment will be healthier. The company will be more clear-headed. Can you imagine if this crazy idea actually gained traction in all workplaces? Clarity revolution!

Also, I ate a ton of the world's best chocolate. Drank fabulous beer. Made streusel muffins (which are totally NOT a good road trip food). And re-arranged my living room wherein I could sit and eat all the rich, fatty foods I couldn't stop making. So the moral I guess is this: take a break, a REAL break, and you might emerge fatter, happier and with a wealth of softly-lit summer memories. 

playing dress up in Humboldt


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