Parenthood. It's a T.V. show! And you never told me.

Whoever it was that failed to tell me that I should have been watching Parenthood all this time, shame on you. Shame on me! Shame on all of us.

On top of great writing and content that is as close to 100% relatable as any T.V. show I've ever seen, IT HAS THE DUDE FROM IDIOCRACY! Also, Mr. Incredible! And the bartender from Bad Santa with the crooked mouth that's lovely but hard not to look at cause it's like looking at a pretty muppet.

Parenthood has so far managed to bring me to just the brink of tears, both empathetic and happy,  --  just the brink mind you, which is about as close to the edge as this mama's sappiness likes to linger -- with each episode I've seen so far.

Shame on us. I have SO much catching up to do.


Gwynne said…
Glad you've found another show that makes you smile. God bless.

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