Blog Neglect: The Guilt. The Reason.

Well hello. You might remember me from such titles as ... this blog. You know, the one with my name on it? Here, let me brush the dust off the banner. There. See now? Yeah, that's my name. And lately, this is the place where words go to wait. 

(Here's where I tangent and head over to photoshop where I will spend far too long doodling an image of a waiting room filled with Words flipping through pages of People.)

Oh. The Guilt. 

But here's The Reason:

I'm putting on a show, yo! 
For the first time in forever (not a Frozen reference) Listen To Your Mother is coming to Portland! My partner in rhyme, Carisa Miller, and I have been busy with a capital ACK!  I'd compare it to pregnancy -- it's definitely a labor of love -- but there's a bit less time to prepare and a lot more wine to consume. We've been hitting the mean streets of P-town, dodging yarn bombs and evading soup-cycles, strumming up some local sponsors to help make this show the success we know it will be. We'll be giving them all some proper air time of their own, but first, how about a little hello?

which seat will be yours?
Firstly, meet Alberta Rose Theatre. She's the beaut who will be our home this Mother's Day. And she wants you to buy your tickets now. And one for your mom, your sister, your brother, your best friend and your best frenemie. Recommendation? Best not to wait long. Get your tickets right here -->

Secondly, give a HUGE hug and high five to the incredible souls from Portland Women's Crisis Line! You know those tickets you just bought? Just a second ago when you clicked that link? You just put money straight into the hands of PWCL! 10% of all ticket sales from the Portland show of Listen To Your Mother is going to them, and we are simply over the moon to be supporting such a rockstar organization who have been empowering women and supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence since 1973. 

Thirdly, this show would not be possible without the support from local sponsors. Know them already? Then please pay them a social visit and extend them a thank you. Not yet acquainted? Well then now's a good time. I've handily linked their names to their facebook pages. Give them a hearty like and a big ol' XOXO. Here are some quick introductions, with more to come shortly on my soon to be un-neglected blog, Carisa's blog, and our local Listen To Your Mother website:

  • Zenana Spa - Pregnant and in Portland? Rejuvenate here.
  • Women's Healthcare Associates - Thank you for helping me birth my babies!
  • The Radio Room - I smell an after-party ... it smells like buffalo cauliflower, mac n cheese and a hot toddy ...
  • Crafty Wonderland - They'll tickle your DIY bone and scratch that support-your-local-artisan itch. Oh yes. Art sponsoring art.
  • Toro Bravo Cookbook - That's right. Tasty n Sons, Toro Bravo, THOSE brilliant face-feeders HAVE A COOKBOOK. 
  • Bolt Fabric Boutique - Where I go to pretend I can sew. Sigh. I'm sure you could do that Russian nesting doll fabric the justice that I could not. 
We have an inkling that there will be more lovely souls to thank shortly. And we'll follow up soon with more details and (eep!) news from our upcoming auditions! Oh did I not mention? This show is starring the one, the only .... your neighbors! This is a live show produced, directed, sponsored and STARRING local voices who all are here to give motherhood a microphone. 


Unknown said…
Your talent and general awesomeness makes me smile great big. This is so good.
Melisa Wells said…
*slow clap*
I knew you could do it. ;)
oh stahhhp, i mean go ahhhhn. ;0)
It's so good to see you here!

I wish I lived closer to Portland so I could catch your fabulous show -- good luck!


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