"We should get a hammock for the backyard. One with a stand."

"Hmm. Yeah. But we should tie it to the tree."

"That won't work. I looked."

"Well, we could rig an anchor to the shed and then string it between the shed and the tree."

"But it's super shady and there's spiders and there'd be leaves all over the place."

"But it would be so nice to lay beneath the dogwood right now."

"If the hammock was on a stand we could move it to beneath the dogwood."


"And when we move to a new house we may find a place that we can hang the hammock without the stand."

"But then we'd have this giant hammock stand."

"We could sell it. People probably buy them. I mean, we're going to buy one."

"But then we'd have this giant hammock stand!"

"Don't worry. I'll put the stand on Craigslist. I'll do it first thing tomorrow."

"And then a guy shows up at our door and says 'I'm here to buy the hammock stand' and you say 'Oh, sorry, it's not actually for sale yet. We still have to buy it, then move to a new house where we don't need it. So leave me your number and I'll call you when we have the hammock stand and a new address.'"



Unknown said…
No risk of hoarding here.
At least not of hammock stands.
OrangeMew said…
Thorough analysis before a purchase, check!
Always good to plan your purchases based on resale opportunities. :0)
Anonymous said…
It doesn't count as clutter if it's outside—right?

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