Listen Here. The LTYM videos are live!

300 people saw this live in Portland. Thousands of people saw it live across 32 cities nationwide. And my mouth blabbed it wide enough for millions. I shouted the news so loudly that people hid my posts on Facebook and rapidly scrolled past my tweets (yes you did). I spammed my own damn self and dreamt in hashtags: #LTYM #LTYM #LTYM #LTYM #LTYM #LTYM #LTYM #LTYM #LTYM #LTYM #LTYM #LTYM #LTYM #LTYM #LTYM #LTYM #LTYM #LTYM #LTYM #LTYM

And then it happened on Mother's Day. We scrambled onto a modest and lovely stage at The Alberta Rose Theatre and then we opened up our hearts and souls and let the words pour out on behalf of motherhood. On behalf of you. On behalf of your mom. On behalf of my mom (who sat in the audience as I timidly spoke about her vagina).

hi mom! hi clarry! thanks for coming! and for birth and all that.
Now YOU get to watch our stories any time you want. Why? Because of Internets. Because of YouTube. Because of an incredible LTYM team that knows that the power of stories is only unleashed when told to an audience.

So please, Listen Here. Grab your coffee, tea, beer, wine or strawberry margarita and have a listen to the talented Portland cast of Listen To Your Mother. And please visit the other cities too. Good stories come from everywhere. Great stories come from your mother. 

Watch the whole Portland playlist here (14 stories) or scroll through them individually on the Listen To Your Mother YouTube channel.

And a huge thank you to LTYM video sponsor by T. Rowe Price!


Nice! I was bummed to miss this live. Thanks for the video link!
Hopefully you can make it next year, Marlynn!

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