Like A Mom.

Do you ever just FLIP OUT on your kids for no reason other than they're being TOO happy?! Cause I have. Yep.

I'm not proud of it. I just simply don't understand it. They will be absolutely content with each other at the dinner table, cracking each other up, not hitting or not not-hitting-but-kinda-hitting, not tattling, not asking me for anything, just genuinely enjoying each other's company while I quietly eat my own slice of Papa Murphy's Take n Bake white pizza.

And then it's like they violently jerk off the cap to a severely shaken-up carbonated beverage of elementary school giggles and it gets louder and louder and then I shout "STAWWWWWWWWP!" and they totally don't stop. Well, they do. But I know it won't be contained for long. They'll burst out again with fart jokes and juice through their noses and I know that nothing I say will let the gas out slowly and avoid the inevitable toppled chair or accidental gut punch from a fit of unbridled maniacal childish laughter.

Of course I suppose that nothing might come of this mealtime funtime at all. It's quite possible that nothing requiring a first aid kit or a time out would happen if I could just ride out this manic burst of sibling energy. If I could just enjoy the joy they've all of a sudden unleashed within a very small space, at a particularly high volume and at a specifically mealtime-ish time. But I try again. And again.

"Seriously. Calm down."
"Okay, stop now. Eat your dinner."
"Guys?! Calllllm down." I say out loud to them/myself.

And they do for a second. A split second. But their eyes are focused on each other's and no one's blinking and their cheeks are getting pinker, and then the boy ejects another enormous belly laugh, spraying the table in pizza and fruit salad. And I stand up LIKE A MOM and shout again "STAWWWWWWWWPPPPPP!!!!" and it must've been that extra "PPPPP" I added for emphasis, cause it worked. And then the proverbial bottle broke and the boy started crying, "I just can't stop though!" And he cries a sincere tear and somehow, simultaneously manages to restrain an uncontrolled smile that was visibly trying to break free, to spur another raucous bout. He was hung up between high strung happy and first day of fourth grade exhausted. And I was too.

I relented. And they did too, a little. And it was all just so strange that I would've let this benign rowdiness bother me so much in the first place.

But you know what? I remember my parents did this too! My big sister and I would be sharing a moment at the dinner table. A loud moment. A moment where we couldn't chew our food for all the laughs that filled our mouths. And I'd watch as Dad's teeth clenched around his fork, and Mom's hair welcomed another strand of gray.

Is there a name for this? What do I call this dash of logic-defying-parental angst I seem to have bubbling beneath the surface of every jovial pizza dinner? I'd like to be able to put a stawwwwwpper in my own frustration and see where the chaos takes us. Because I bet where it takes us is far more fun than putting on the brakes, and likely covered in carbonated sweetness.

back to school bottled up energy spews forth at dinnertime


Ladies in Navy said…
i absolutely remember this with my parents as well. kids just get so amped up on each other's energy. it's hilarious on tv but probably madenning in your own home. don't worry, the teen years will replace the joy with surly rudeness... haha!
ladies in navy
Ohmygosh you're totally right. I need to write a note and stick it where I can see it from the kitchen table that says "the teen years will replace the joy with surly rudeness". That'll put a stawwwwwper on my frustration for certain. :)
Lea said…
Sometimes I feel like I yell and yell and Tabor never listens. And then i find myself REALLY YELLING and then i say things i regret. not my finest moments.
Mom said…
Hmmmm perhaps it is genetic??? My sister and I would get sent from the table, not to return until we got "it" under control; worked just fine until we were once again in each others presence then the bubble burst again :-) My inner giggles burst again with the remembering!!!
Hi, Kelli (it's me, Jessica, from LTYM)!

Yep, we had plenty of giggly moments that had our parents tearing out their hair.

Also, apparently as a child I had a fondness for singing long and loud at the dinner table. So much so that the rule, "No singing at the dinner table" was created and enforced.
Glad to know I'm not alone!

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