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Some time late this summer a long-time friend, Rae Ann, came over to the house. Rae Ann has been content manager for the locally famous parenting website, urbanMamas, for a few years now, and she does a helluva job. Have you ever tried to keep tabs on all the events in one bustling and highly engaged city and then curate them into one easily navigable website for all to see? DOUBT IT. That shit's hard. You know what else is hard? Parenting. And even harder? Single parenting. Even harder still? Single parenting while content managing while going to school full-time. Even harder than that? All of it plus a few ducks. And chickens. But Rae Ann has been kicking ass like the social butterfly warrior goddess that she is. She asked me if maybe I'd like to consider contributing content to the uM website.

I love me some content. BUT!

I thought about it. In fact I lay in bed that night thinking about it. I already had a full plate -- the most delicious plate of all is a full one amirite -- and I wasn't convinced that a few contributing blog posts would do much to support uM and, by extension, Rae Ann. Somehow, in those hours between "Holy Shit I'm So Tired" and "Holy Shit Why Can't I Sleep" an idea occurred to me, which led me to stay awake thinking until the hour of "Holy Shit It's HOW Fucking Late Now?!"

I texted Rae Ann first thing in the morning.

What about a podcast? I mean, I hardly ever read a blog post from start to finish anymore. Why? Cause I'm a busy mom. And I never EVER click on videos that are sent to me during the workday. Why? Cause I'm working goddammit and who has the time to watch a video when I could just as easily listen to it while flitting through all my open browser tabs. A podcast. We could do that. Portland moms could listen while they work/parent/study/exercise/create/shower/eat/play/hike/drive and be generally magical people all of the time. PLUS! We could use the transcript as blog content, for those who'd rather read. 

And holy crap on a crocodile, we did it. I reached out to a good friend of mine from back home in Humboldt. Andy and I were co-spirit commissioners in high school, and apparently, the Tiger doesn't stray far from its spirit den. Andy is a master of streaming audio in his post spirit commissioner days, so I picked his streaming brain. "How the hell do I podcast?" With Andy's tips, a brand new Blue Yeti mic, a kitchen table, and a city with more story than Disneyland, Rae Ann and I recorded our very first podcast episode.

Our first guest was Rosalee Rester, owner of Baby Wit, maker of the coolest duds that my kids ever donned. Our second guest was Sabrina Williamson, long-time friend, protector of teeth, and the wittiest photo caption writer this side of BuzzFeed. And we have so many other stories lined up! Moms in and around Portland who are creating and advocating and plowing head-first into problems then busting through the other side with revelation and revolution. This is our community, Portland! And Rae Ann and I would like to invite you to come and have a seat around the urbanMamas table. Subscribe to the uM Podcast on iTunes and listen in, whenever the hell it works for you. And if you're feeling extra delightful, leave us a review and comment on iTunes!

This whole podcast thing is new to me. I've had to learn a whole new media in a very short time, and I don't know even a fraction of it yet. I am profoundly grateful to Andy, not only for his initial tips, but for connecting me a few years back with a new friend, Mike, who is the ultimate podcast nerd, and bless the stars that he is. He has graciously offered his advice and has even mastered an episode for us! I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!

I'm verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. Then shhhh, go have a listen to the urbanMamas Podcast. Report back on the uM Facebook page, or Twitter, or leave a comment here or -- seriously, you could throw a comment up into the wind and it would land on me or Rae Ann. Like seagull poop, but not quite as sticky.

Find the urbanMamas Podcast here:


Unknown said…
Oh my! How exciting! I love the idea of a podcast from urbanMamas. So true as well... sometimes life is just too busy and it is hard to write out great content ALL THE TIME. But, a good interview on a podcast (while still time consuming) can be much quicker to produced overall! Good luck!
This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. I will have to follow along! Congrats!!!!
Thank you Jenni and Rachel! We're always on the lookout for great interview opportunities. So please feel welcome to send me any suggestions. :)

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