The Appendix Diaries, part 1.

I threw up hot pink jello today, right in front of my kids. I couldn't see their initial reactions of course, but they definitely didn't freak out. I had kept the whole ordeal fairly tidy, I had a gallon sized ziploc bag at the ready, right next to this chair I've come to know so well recently. The mess went straight in, no splashes, no eating contest aftermath. And actually, I took pause mid-retch and enjoyed a very blissful moment when I realized how this was the most perfect vomit experience I had ever endured. Except for the fact that it happened in front of my kids. Magnolia may have gasped, just a little, softly. And River asked three times - though not too quickly and definitely not panicked, "Are you okay Mom?" And I withheld the urge to pull my face from the bag to answer "I can't quite say, cause I'm in the middle of puking up my jello lunch. But thank you sweet boy." He was concerned but in control. And then he went to the kitchen and brought back a cloth napkin for me. He offered to refill my water bottle. Then they both gave me sweet and gentle, caring hugs. And then they returned to the table and finished their homework. If it weren't for the bag of vomit in my hands, that may have been the happiest moment of my life.


Unknown said…
What a sweet story (pink vomit aside). Hope you're ok!
Thanks Bev. I'm recovering from an emergency appendectomy. Blech. Thank god they don't grow back!

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