Don't have a cow.

self-portrait with cheese
My favorite food in ALL OF THE LAND is a grilled cheese sandwich. Sourdough bread, amply buttered on both sides, cheddar cheese (not too little,  not too much), sliced tomato, and gahhhhlic.

But I'm saying good-bye. Good-bye my grilled cheese lover. Good-bye my manchego at midnight. Farewell to the most perfectly buttery scrambled eggs whipped up with sour cream.

And hello to .... breathing. To eating foods that don't have to be processed in order for people to eat them. To general wellness for my brief time on this beautiful and over-compromised planet.

I'm committed to 2 months of completely dairy free living. Starting .... now .... right after I finish this leftover parmesan pasta.


Bill Volckening said…
Are you sure you won't have some of this homemade French Onion Soup? the good recipe from Ina Garten with all the booze in it? with that luscious, golden-bubbly gruyere crouton on top and cheese melted over the sides of the crock?

Well, if you're sure...
marlynn said…
You can do it! I didn't think I could do dairy-free either, but I did 100% dairy free for about 3 months. I have a sensitivity to all dairy except butter and can only have it sparingly now. The Heidi Ho Chia Cheeze at New Seasons & Whole Foods is an awesome dairy-free nacho cheese options. Good luck!

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