Listen To Your Mother, Portland, 2015. Magic happened.

I'm all out of analogies, folks. I've been in a bit of a word hangover for 2 weeks. Except I'm not craving greasy eggs and a bloody mary. In fact, it's rather ethereal and mildly electric, like the surface of the ocean just after a thunderstorm. More like the soft-lit hours after giving birth than the hazy morning after tequila. I'm craving a return to words, but am rather content at the moment just floating here. Because Listen To Your Mother, Portland sold out the house at The Alberta Rose Theatre! What. Something is happening in this awakening of live storytelling, something juicy. And because my loquaciousness has left the building, I'd like to share a re-cap of that juicy, magical night, through the artful and talented lens of our photographer, Johann Leiter.

Our venue, two years now. We love it here. Also it smells of freshly baked savory pies.

In the green room with storyteller, Christi Krug and storyteller/director, Carisa Miller.


For the audience.

I bought my copy of LTYM the book from our on-site booksellers. Then the cast signed it. Then I cried for the eleventieth time.

THESE GUYS! Our local sponsors: Women's Healthcare Associates, Crafty Wonderland, Radio Room, Folly, Paleo Sweet Cheeks, and Johann Leiter.

In the green room with Michelle Borum, laughing out the butterflies.

Storyteller, Michelle Porter, getting lip-prepped.

Giddy over sweets from my dear friend, Ocea, of Paleo Sweet Cheeks. (And that's her mom! Hi Lisa!)

Mothers are pretty great at sitting and listening. 

Mic check. Dance like oompa loompas. Just for a sec.

Ellen made us do it. Again.

Lurking in front of someone's beautiful driveway. Thank you neighbor!

The 2015 cast of Listen To Your Mother, Portland!

Leanne Goolsby, LTYM Portland 2014 storyteller joined the audience!

Deb Stone of the 2014 cast came, too! Storytellers are like snowballs. We just gather and gather. Unstoppable. 

The midwives of Women's Healthcare Associates came!

And then we began.

Christi Krug shares her story about nobody in particular.

Gypsy Martin squeezing an imaginary breast.

Mary Mandeville shares a game we wish wasn't real.

Carisa pushes out her story and pulls at every mama heart.

Noelle Guest compromises. And wins.

Nicole Rardin wows the crowd with her bravery.

Susan Domagalski Fleming says, "Redddddddd."

I try to breathe, even when it smells of yoga farts.

Michelle Borum advocates for her mother, and women and children everywhere, with her gut-wrenching honesty of domestic violence. 

In case you hadn't yet discovered, Kathryn Leehane reminds us that motherhood is disgusting.

Susan Moshofsky brings him home.

Kylie Menagh-Johnson advocates for our children, because little white lies aren't helping anyone.

Michelle Porter relives a morning you'll be grateful wasn't yours.

Thank you for another amazing show, Portland! See you in 2016!


Anonymous said…
So cool. I'm really interested in checking this out for next year.
Alison, definitely! We'd love to have you audition!
Anonymous said…
Hahaha, yoga farts! Sorry I missed it this year, but congratulations!
westmetromommy said…
Wow! It sounds like a great event!

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