That's Mamoré! Anniversary Gratitude Giveaway

The only constant in life is change. Forever is only as far as we can see, and then the horizon shifts and forever looks different, it's new again. And it will change again, and again. But we can't waste our breath on lamenting our choices, or our circumstance, or our hearts. We can't shy away from change because we're afraid. Instead we stand where we are, confident in the space that our bodies occupy, we hug those who are near us, we connect and we grow. And we smile knowing that change can be filled with grief and love in equal measure, in balance, and we honor the forever that no longer is with gratitude.

And so we grow!

On January 1 2014 I left the familiarity of a 7 year position with my dear friends at gDiapers. I swam into a new part of my ocean and explored life at a creative agency as their social media strategist. I learned so much in a very short amount of time, very short. Within just 4 months it was clear to me that I wasn't telling the stories I needed to tell, and I wasn't using all the tools I wanted to be using. I put out my probing feelers to a few of my favorite local brands, "Hypothetically speaking, if I were to quit my day job and head out on my own, would you be interested in having me tell your brand story?" I was met with yesses. I was floored. And freaked the hell out. I consulted a friend and freelance mentor, Zach King, and felt empowered to make another change. I began working as an independent marketing consultant and writer under the name Mamoré, my intention was to help small brands with big heart Love Bigger and Reach Farther. And here I am, a year later, still afloat in this ever-changing ocean, telling stories that I adore, supporting brands who support women, children and the earth, and leaving me with more time to play with my kids, to explore this city, to volunteer and to breathe deeply. 

I am overcome with gratitude to those who have supported me on this journey, and to my brilliant clients. I hope you'll join me in celebrating. Enter any of the following giveaways below, courtesy of some of the coolest people I know (open to US residents 18 and older, sorry Canada kids):

GladRags - I'm loud and proud when it comes to reusable feminine hygiene, and it's because of Tracy, Meagan, Eliana and Heidi at GladRags. We say we love our bodies, and then we plug them up with garbage. Disposable pads and tampons are toxic to people and the planet. That's the biggest ick factor there is, way grosser than "Ew I might touch blood that came out of my own vagina!" Win a GladRags Day Pad and Pantyliner and love that rockin' body of yours.  Enter the GladRags Giveaway Here

MOBY - Babywearing has moved away from being "that thing that Sacajawea did" to an increasingly normal way to be with baby, which benefits parent and child alike in so many ways. MOBY is to thank. Their wraps and carriers have made babywearing approachable and easy for new moms and dads. If I had a baby, I'd have one of these Moby Wraps designed by Lotta Jansdotter. But I don't, so you should score one for your own baby (or to be the coolest auntie or uncle ever). 

Baby Wit - My kids rocked some kickass clothes thanks to Rosalee Rester of Baby Wit. A onesie with Sarah Palin, devil horns and oil derricks? Yes. A t-shirt that irreverently displayed Obama as Jesus and asked "What Would Obama Do?". Yes to that, too. And a bitchin' rainbow dress. And a life cycle frog tee. And a custom-print skirt for me. I love them all so hard. Are you more Bernie than Hillary? Nab a Bernie t-shirt in the kid or adult size of your choice and wear it into and long after the campaigning has ended. Because that's what cool does. Cool doesn't give a ___. 
Enter the Baby Wit Giveaway

goumikids - Co-founders Lili and Linsey have these gigantic, juicy, supremely kind hearts. They're making baby goods that don't just decorate baby, they work and work well. Their stay-on mitts keep baby from scratching, the hats retain critical body temperature, and the boots stay put when all others fall off and go missing. And goumi gives. These mamas are introducing their goods to the tiniest and most vulnerable babies and are working to bring an end to human trafficking, a HUGE issue here in Portland and worldwide. They love big. And I love them big back. Score a pair of their signature stay-on mitts and booties for a little one that you love. 
Enter the goumikids Giveaway

Gaia Couture - Disposable clothing isn't doing anyone any favors. Clothes are made cheap, sold cheap and then sent off to landfills. Humans suffer under exploitative manufacturing practices and the earth suffers under the heavy use of pesticides and waste. Joy Martinello of Gaia Couture knows that sustainable is beautiful. Buy less, choose well. Win a $50 gift certificate to spend on Joy's collection of slow fashion: dresses, skirts, tops, cardigans, yoga wear, leggings, tunics and more. 
Enter the Gaia Couture giveaway

Thank you!


Kelli Martinelli, Mamoré Communications


marlynn said…
Congrats on the exciting changes! Great giveaways too.
I love the beginning of your post; how we are ever evolving and cannot stay stagnant. So true - change is hard and recognizing we have to make a change is even harder. Congratulations on making the big move to open your own business and work with companies you feel good about.
Unknown said…
What a great idea to celebrate your anniversary! Congratulations! Going out on your own is scary, but so, so exciting!

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