Priced Out

I had to explain to my kids what it means to be "priced out" and why it matters that they know it's a real possibility; it could quite plausibly affect our family and is already affecting our friends and community. It means that the place we live is now perceived to be more valuable than it used to be, and so people will pay more to live here, and so the people that own the houses will charge more to rent them, or will sell them right out from under your feet to get in while the market is hot. It means that the people who currently live here may not earn large enough salaries -- no matter how modest or ample -- to continue to live there, moving them out of houses, away from their schools, inconveniently located to jobs, and disrupting their community. It means that somehow, we are told that we are less worthy of the places we call home. 

I told my kids that we are so very lucky to have a roof over our heads and a school right next door, but just so they know, contingency plans are being discussed. The owners could decide to sell. The rent could be raised yet again. And again. And again. 

Even if Trump doesn't somehow manage to steal this election, Trump America is already here. Being Priced Out in Portland isn't something that I should have to explain to my children.


Gwynne said…
No, it's not something you should have to explain. however, your words of reassurance should help with any fears they have.

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