writing compulsion

When you need to share a story but you can't find the right words, or maybe the words are there but they're fleeting and inconsistent because you don't have the time to tell the story in the way you mean to tell it. It will come out wrong. You'll tell it to an uninterested audience. Or a combative one. Your timing will be off but your comedic timing will be waaaay off. It's possible you've forgotten how to write, you've certainly forgotten how to write for the sake of writing. Because now writing must have a purpose, it must be productive and connective and earn a fair living and inspire and revolutionize. It must be alerting and new, but familiar enough that it draws validation and social media engagement. It must lend itself to yourself as a brand, something/someone that can grow and be provided opportunity. Opportunity to do what or be what? You're not sure. You just know that writing is the thing you must do, but you're afraid every time you share a story or an idea you'll be sharing for the sake of your own brand awareness, a targeted missile of writing as a self-marketing tool. You miss writing for the sake of it, without updating all of site and social with optimized click-bait headlines. Without carefully curated photos, cast in a light by which you align you and your brand. Your own filter. You wonder what a world without tilt shift and lowered highlights must look like. No more X-Pro. No more vignette. Immersed in an illusion. You want to write but you're afraid of adding to that illusion. You're compelled but convicted. So you write less and less and less.

And then you say fuck that noise.

And you just start writing.


By all that is Sacred, you have sung to my soul! ❤️
MollyMoggs said…
Yes, yes and yes again.

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