A Thank You Letter from Cheryl

For those who may have seen the requests and then the follow up posts on Facebook about Cheryl and Danny, a Portland couple who recently went from living on the street for over three years to having an apartment of their own, here is Cheryl's e-mail of thanks to everyone who answered my call outs to help furnish their completely bare new home. Some of you I have sent this to personally, but I know so many others of you helped in other ways, like by sharing the request with others, or by helping out one of your neighbors. Kind hearts. Good neighbors. Thank you my friends.

Good morning Kelli, Danny and I just wanted to tell you this bed is so comfy YOU HAVE NO IDEA! 

We wake up feeling great, just wanted you to know. If possible could you let everyone involved with helping me this: 

It's my honor to be helped by so many wonderful, and giving  human beings. When I first met you I was hella broken, like a bruised banana very much unable to be touched for fear I'd completely fall apart. Well you were the one who started first, to reach out to me that just amazed me, I mean you asked what I needed, I told you and it was almost like DONE, DONE, Annnnnnnnd done....(feel better) Yes I sure did feel better. You never made me feel ashamed, my God you let me take a shower in your personal shower, like where your kids bathe ..... That's when I truly knew you were looking at me like another fellow human. Sounds silly but many days I didn't feel human. 

Then when we got this apartment, you were such an angel letting people you knew know if my situation, and actually them RESPONDING they did, and with a bed dresser and blankets sheets, Corning Ware (I would never be able to afford the glass ware alone) I feel organized loved the shoe shelves, and the comforter and pillowcases to match even new pillows. And omg the huge roll of plastic bags, and trash can, even some good food. How could I ever thank people I never knew BUT knew my need. If ever I could speak words to them they would be thank you for helping me heal, thank you for caring if I had a bed to sleep in our just to hear another human being was off the streets. The streets are stressful and if not right with some kind of higher power, it would be easy to think "I'm all alone out here". I've received all of your wonderful tokens of love, and from the bottom of my heart I wanted to say thank you. Not just for providing general necessities but for allowing me to "see" I'M NOT ALONE,  and the hope you gave me and the courage it sparked in me & allowed me to not to feel so small & smile.

And that in the world of the streets is hard to not feel like. The mental rest my own apt has given us is for example: we can wash our clothes and so we're always clean, like we like to be. Danny's well rested to go to a job (that he's never had since I've known him)  or even feel motivated to get up or even out of bed even, the gift of this apartment is that of many, but the biggest is my faith in the human race. PERIOD, I had given up, and didn't even really know it. 

So thank you to everyone one who made it possible, that we were at the very least, not in the floor, eating with our fingers, and that we weren't cold. It's easier to look people in the eyes these days and talk to people. We both could never repay the feeling it feels like to know this is our home and we're proud to have it, thank you. I hope you will forward that message to everyone that contributed.But the biggest thing I can't seem to keep from saying is, knowing that Danny's not worked in years and years and that this man that has been rejected for so long, gets to walk taller, gets to say I'm making the difference for my small yet little family, that feels honorable to him and looks amazing to me. He's doing a fantastic job. And Kelli you've inspired all of  this. I'm so happy I made it to get soup that night. You are amazing to share with me a little bit if yourself, cause look, it magnifies so much.  Your an angel to us, that's how we see you. A humble angel. 

Thanks for helping us, if one things for sure, you and I were at the perfect place at the most perfect time, thank you for being my friend. 

Love your friends, Cheryl and Danny


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